Who we are. . .

Our Story

Manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain firms can achieve business excellence and boost their competitiveness with the aid of Data Labs America, a digital transformation company. Via our special software, implementation, support, and customization capabilities and methods, we carry out the digital transition. Our ideas and products are geared at meeting customer needs and ensuring their happiness.

Our cutting-edge goods and services address challenging issues in enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, and business analytics. Modern technologies for application development, artificial intelligence, process mining, robotic process automation, and Internet of Things are used to create our goods. To provide value to the consumers in a special way, we have incorporated all the most recent technologies.

To support our customers' digital transformation as a one-stop shop, we offer a strategy excellence, supply chain excellence, logistics excellence, and ERP solution with a mix of strong integration skills. Our hybrid strategy, which combines on-site, offshore, and both approaches, will provide sufficient flexibility to lower total cost of ownership and hasten return on investment.

Our team includes business experts, business analysts, software developers, solution architects, user experience designers, quality engineers, implementation consultants, support engineers, and support staff. A great combination of the team with complete know-how makes the best possible implementation with a high success rate. We have our presence in multiple locations in India and the UAE and we are growing faster to have a footprint in Africa, Europe, and other regions.