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fruiSCE® Warehouse Management

With the aid of cutting-edge technology enablers, fruiSCE® Warehouse Management is a comprehensive solution to manage all the major warehousing challenges. With the use of artificial intelligence and IoT device integration, it offers total control, administration, and visibility of warehouse operations. All types of warehouse operations, including distribution centres, 3PL, manufacturing, and retail, can be carried out seamlessly.

The autonomy and independence of fruiSCE® WMS assures that it can meet the demands of order processing, warehousing, and distribution requirements. The benefits of adopting fruiSCE® WMS include the possibility to deploy it on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid deployment model, industry-specific capabilities, and multisite warehousing.

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Key Features

Purchase Order

Generate purchase orders for several line items with various pricing and structures. Easily insert large purchase orders using the excel upload feature, or automatically transfer purchase orders from ERP.

Goods Receiving

Goods Receipt Notice can be created manually or automatically after receiving ASN or EDI. By a bill of lading receipt, partial or full quantities may be received. Simple goods receipts are possible with mobile application.


Based on putaway principles that provide optimal space use, automatic putaway is advised. Putaway can be carried out quickly and accurately using an RF gun or a mobile application after the quality check.

Cross Docking

The operations can be coordinated to allow for cross docking depending on the type of deliveries and reception. Various types of cross-docking can be controlled with the help of delivery order triggers, direct shipment transfers, temporary storage, or partial transfers.

Inventory Management

Inventory transfers between locations and inventory changes can be used to eliminate any discrepancies. To maintain inventory accuracy and make regular adjustments for accurate inventory visibility, cycle counting and physical inventory are helpful.

Sales Order

Based on industry best practises, sales orders are generated either automatically or manually for product delivery. Using an ERP or another system, the sales orders can be transferred. Excel upload functionality is used to upload sales orders in bulk.

Manufacturing Order

The process supports all necessary phases, including tram management, empties, and other forms of picking processes, when goods are provided for manufacturing. It is possible to control all raw material use and end product receipts.

Picking & Dispatch

Using a variety of picking optimization logics, automated picking is accomplished through optimised picking processes. On the basis of the picking and dispatching procedure, necessary advanced shipment notices can be sent.


With provisions for a number of accounting reports, the accounting will be settled for inbound and outbound invoicing as well as to register expenses. It is possible to bill for sales deliveries.

Gate-in & Gate-out

Gate-in and gate-out procedures can be used to create time stamps and registration data to assist warehouse security procedures. The necessary paperwork and data can be registered and connected to the receipt or delivery of products.

e-Commerce Integration

With e-commerce platforms, the order drop can be carried out automatically at predetermined intervals or in response to trigger inputs. Using e-commerce connectivity, purchase orders or/and sales orders can be generated automatically.


ASNs can be obtained from suppliers, and capacity management is also possible. The trigger mechanism can be used to deliver the ASNs for departing shipments. Via the ASN mechanism, necessary capacity management can be carried out.


The item's size can be registered for length, breadth, and depth when creating GRNs. Calculating volumetric numbers and capacity planning for volume both benefit from this information. Based on the cubing method, the bin spaces and location size can be estimated.

Billing Module

All possible billing methods are available to have the warehousing costs calculated. Billing purchase order and billing invoice can be made for the warehouse customers. Users can switch the billing methods at ease and the costs incurred are calculated effortlessly.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Picking Productivity

If the material is stored properly, picking errors can be reduced to a large extent, and the fruiSCE® WMS increases picking efficiency by doing just that.

Acheive 99% Inventory Accuracy

The inventory status, stockouts, and number of times a company sells and replaces the goods in the inventory can be accurately determined.

99.9% Order Accuracy

Purchase orders and Sales orders once placed can be processed, executed, and delivered on time which leads to customer satisfaction.

Reduced Inventory Expenses

All expenses in performing the operations such as inventory, capital, and other miscellaneous costs are reduced significantly.

Warehouse Space Optimization

By storing the materials at the right place in the inventories, warehouse space utilization can be optimized significantly.


All avoidable requirements can be discarded while calculating the final value of the products held at the end of a financial period.

Reduced Product Damage

Having all the safety measures in place and handling the material carefully, product damage can be minimized.

Expedite Inbound Activities

Inbound activities are executed at an improved pace and finished promptly and accurately.

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