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Companies in the logistics industry are finding it difficult to meet the demands of maintaining their competitiveness and boosting operational efficiency. With manual or outdated transportation management systems, they struggle to function. Traditional transportation management systems are becoming less flexible and more redundant due to their complicated design and deployment. Companies require a system that will increase productivity while handling a variety of events. Since fruiSCE® TMS is connected with numerous processes to forecast supply and demand trends and enable real-time visibility, it stands out as a special product.

The typical TMS capability, which comprises fundamental tasks like Transport Order Management, Order Planning, Shipment Execution, and similar ones, is an option. The user can have comprehensive visibility and control over all transportation transactions thanks to the fact that fruiSCE® TMS makes its capabilities available to all service providers in the transportation system. Also, it is ideal for managing 3PLs and shippers with intricate transportation networks.

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Key Features

Transport Order Management

A single window is provided by the order management module so that customers can view, manage, and complete all transport orders. Receiving orders from various sources, verifying them, and planning delivery along an ideal path are the procedures.

Goods Receiving

Goods Receipt Notice can be created manually or automatically after receiving ASN or EDI. By a bill of lading receipt, partial or full quantities may be received. Simple goods receipts are possible with mobile application.

Transport Order Planning

Planning for transport orders improves resource use, lowers costs, and raises delivery service standards. With the use of AI/ML optimisation logic, the transportation needs are consolidated or prioritised in accordance with the resources that are accessible.

Shipment Execution

The primary transportation procedure for enhancing agility and flexibility is shipment execution. To maximise efficiency and effectiveness in shipping operations, it optimises the shipment execution process with a variety of partners.

Shipment Settlement

Through the invoicing module, which is connected into any ERP system, all financial transactions are settled. As shippers prepare and tender to carriers, its efficient cost settlement capability assists in choosing the optimum rate automatically.

Container Management

Manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL companies can gain total visibility, tracking, movement of incoming containers and inventory, measuring productivity, and cost-optimization with container management.

Claims Management

Claims management assists all parties engaged in transportation, such as carriers, 3PL providers, freight forwarders, distributors, and manufacturers, to guarantee that claims are processed quickly and correctly for their clients.

Itinerary Management

Using priority sequencing, route visibility, and variable cost features, itinerancy management chooses shipment routes and shipping legs for particular requirements.

Brokerage & Agents

It covers the entire procedure for agents and brokers to assist both local and international transport businesses. As necessary, this feature can be easily integrated with other modules.


With the use of all available integration protocols, fruiSCEĀ® TMS may be effortlessly integrated with master data, shipment orders, sales & purchase orders, proof of delivery, and performance management systems, making it more adaptable than ever.

Key Benefits

Optimized Cost

Based on the best transit costs and service standards, the top carrier can be chosen.

Paperless Transactions

Every transaction, including e-invoices and e-PODs, is paperless and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Complete Visibility

Throughout its travel, the truck's position and the condition of the consignment are both visible.

Proof of Delivery

After the package is delivered, it is simple to capture proof of delivery using mobile devices.

Powerful Analytics

With the aid of robust analytics, efficiency and trends in shipment, goods, route, and delivery times can be attained.

Invoice Management

One single invoicing management system can cover all forms of transportation, including interstate, intrastate, milk runs, and backhauls.

Flexible Payment Options

Multiple and most popular payment gateways can be effortlessly integrated to provide flexible payment options to the user.

Claims & Settlements

In case of any unprecedented events involving vehicles and products they carry, claims and settlements can be quickly and effectively carried out.

Route Optimization

With the help of AI-enabled forecasts and improved itinerary management, the best route may be selected from the available possibilities.

Transport Management for All

An effective transportation management system that caters to fleet owners, 3PLs, 4PLs, freight forwarders, and others.


At any given time, transactions can be tracked and their source and destination evaluated, enabling the user to conduct a self-audit as necessary.

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