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fruiSCE® Demand Planning

The fruiSCE® Demand Planner is a comprehensive demand planning tool that provides planners with the best-fit forecasting logic through the tight integration of numerous data sources, including ERP and other supply chain solution suites. Forecasting is frequently carried out by supply chain managers based on seasonality, data set size, and patterns that are increasing or decreasing. Time-series data is as sophisticated and intricate as its constituent parts. A greater sample size prevents the mistake that results from random sampling, yet more data does not automatically imply more information. The amount of data acquired increases over time. To do the planning as accurately as possible, the forecasting engine is powered by AI, ML, and Process Mining capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Industry Standards

Machine Learning

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Process Mining

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Key Features

Planning & Forecasting

Historical data is used to identify trends and patterns. Parameters for planning and forecasting can be easily identified.

Historical Data Management

The data is accurately recorded at several key data points, and it may be controlled and used as needed.

Operational Visbility

Real-time understanding of operational difficulties, exceptions, supply chain risks, shipment delays, projected arrival timings, and supply chain interruptions enables managers to make well-informed decisions.

Forecasting Engine

A potent forecasting engine that analyses the data and generates forecasts is integrated into the demand planner.

Aggregation & Disaggregation

To obtain more data for better projections, data can be transformed through aggregation and disaggregation.

Promotions Planning

Promotions can be scheduled in accordance with the planning and forecasting parameters once they are completed.

ABC Analysis

Using the inventory classification method ABC analysis, managing the materials is made simpler.

Casual Data Analysis

Data from causal forecasting can be used to establish the causal connection between several independent variables.

Sentiment Analysis

By collecting the data from the internet through browsing, social platforms and other applications used by consumers, one can understand what they are really looking for.

Key Benefits

Capture Historical Data

Reduce time to capture historical data and consolidation from multiple data sources.

Flexible User Interface

Facility to adjust and modify data flexible user interface as per the requirement.

Forecasting & Planning time

Reduce forecasting & demand planning cycle time by 100%.

Best Forecasting Techniques

Supports best in practice forecasting techniques through a variety of choice.

Data Traceability

Data can be effortlessly traced and used for forecasting and demand planning.

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