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fruiSCE® Control Tower

The Supply Chain Control Tower is a focal point with cutting-edge tools and procedures for gathering and utilising supply chain data, enhancing visibility for both immediate and long-term decision-making. The collaboration of both internal and external parties aligns it with strategic objectives, analytics, decision-making capacity, and processes. Technology assistance is necessary for supply chain leaders to have the tools they need to stay one step ahead of the competition. In contrast to standard control tower, fruiSCE® Control Tower gives trading partners visibility while also monitoring, managing, and controlling choices and execution across functions and companies to bring the entire network to an optimum state.

Advanced analytics and cross-platform platform integration with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are available in the fruiSCEĀ® Control Tower. Real-time connections between People, Systems, and Processes are made to serve the end user. The sophisticated fruiSCE® Control Tower offers real-time visibility, teamwork, and strong AI capabilities to go beyond decision-support to decision-making and autonomous control.

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Machine Learning

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Process Mining

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Key Features

Logistics Visibility

In order to effectively manage the complete logistics operation, it is helpful to have correct insights into both inbound and outbound shipments, as well as visibility into ASN, deliveries, track and trace, freight flows, and on-time delivery.

Manufacturing Visbility

Orders, asset utilisation, capacity, efficiency, cycle durations, scheduling, and planning information are readily available in real-time, which improves the entire manufacturing process and ultimately leads to manufacturing excellence.

Operational Visbility

Real-time understanding of operational difficulties, exceptions, supply chain risks, shipment delays, projected arrival timings, and supply chain interruptions enables managers to make well-informed decisions.

Control View

Controlling supply chain communications and disruptions in advance to enhance decision-making and efficiency. proactive management of your supply chain can turn it into a long-lasting competitive advantage.

Notifications & Alerts

It allows you to respond quickly, approve requests, change plans, and carry out instructions by alerting you to significant supply chain interruptions and incidents.


To collaborate in real-time and send instructions and notifications via email, WhatsApp, and SMS, use fruiSCEĀ® CT. The concerned manager is able to act appropriately and reply immediately.

Machine Learning

You can use it to simulate what-if scenarios and take the necessary steps. The ML engine can execute the important suggestions, including ETA, performance expectations, supply chain uncertainties, and other important forecasts.

Capacity Planning

With the help of a powerful capacity planning model, fruiSCEĀ® CT offers a sophisticated capability for doing capacity planning for incoming shipments, outgoing shipments, and other supply chain events.

Performance Management

It gives you total visibility into the performance of all end-to-end supply chain activities, including manufacturing, planning, procurement, and customer service activities.

Key Benefits

End-to-end Visibility

If one has access to real-time data, they can always have the necessary visibility across the supply chain.

Reduced Stock-outs

Inventory shortages can be greatly decreased if the user is fully informed about the stock that is available, transactions that have been made, and transactions that are scheduled.

Reduce Expeedite Costs

The costs associated with accelerating the delivery of the material are minimised by controlling the transportation fees and additional unit costs.

Improved Inventory Turnover

The frequency with which inventory is sold and replaced can significantly increase an organization's efficiency in managing its supply of items.

On time Shipments

Shipments may be processed and delivered on time since all processes are flawlessly synced and pertinent real-time data is available.

Quick Decision-making

By developing an effective management decision-making system, a one-stop solution with centralised accountability and responsibility for Cost, Quality, and Performance may be achieved.

Faster Communication

Users can communicate more quickly as and when necessary thanks to the ability to consider Manufacturing, Logistics, Planning, Processes, Technology, and the People involved.

Better Strategy Execution

The managers are empowered by accurate and timely information powered by AI models, which also elevates strategy execution to a core competency for the company.

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