Automotive Industry

Organizations in the automotive supply chain are always evolving and become more complex. Demand planning presents difficulties for businesses that want to function effectively and satisfy customers. Businesses must modify their supply chains to account for low-cost manufacturing in other countries, customer demands, automation, sales channels, and trade agreements. The supply chain activities differ from industry to industry, thus it is not the best idea to have a universal solution. Therefore, they require an industry-specific solution to coordinate transactions among OEMs, tier suppliers, and logistics service providers.

We help Automotive supply chain organizations to achieve supply chain excellence by performing digital transformations in end-to-end supply chain operations, supply chain collaboration, logistics operations, and performance management.


Our Expertise in the


Key challenges in the industry addressed by fruiSCE®

Manufacturing Execution

Import/Export Compliance

Sparepart Management

Order Management

Logistics Services

Real-time Visibility

Reverse Logistics

Supplier Collaboration


AI based predictions


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